TUTORIAL: (WiFi-)Wardrive With An Android Device

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to wardrive with an Android device. 

If you don't know what wardriving is, it is defined as "the act of searching for Wi-Fi wireless networks, using a GPS-equipped device such as a smartphone or computer.

Basically, we are going to exploit our Android device's Wi-Fi and GPS capability to record the location of wireless networks. Each wireless network's GPS coordinates and information (name, mac address, encryption type, and signal strength) will be stored in a KML file, which will enable us to view our route in Google Earth. The wireless networks will be represented by color-coded dots on the Google Earth map so we can easily distinguish between open and encrypted wireless networks. Theoretically, a hacker could use this method to identify vulnerable networks and then navigate back to those networks. If you are wardriving solely to detect the presence of wireless networks (without malicious intent), wardriving in and of itself is NOT illegal. However, the unsolicited association with a wireless network (open or encrypted) is illegal.

What you need:

1) an Android device (smartphone or tablet)
2) G-MoN (A free application in the Google Play Store)
3) Google Earth

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